Oregon Halibut Season 2014


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The Oregon Pacific Halibut fishery is always an anticipated angling opportunity by many residents. This is spring time ocean fishing so there will be some good weeks and there will be some days that are pretty wild condition wise. Check out the schedule and dates below, depending on what port you are leaving out of there will always be a few amazing days each season for offshore and inshore halibut fishing.

Always make sure and check the current regulations for any changes as the season will be called early if anglers catch their allotted limit early in the season. The 2014 season has been given a catch limit of .96 million pounds, down slightly from the 2013 Season.

oregon halibut fishing season

Get up to date regs here: http://dfw.state.or.us/mrp/finfish/halibut/index.asp
The staff recommended 2014 pacific halibut sport regulations

Columbia River subarea. (1) The all-depth halibut fishery will be open four days a week, Thursday through Sunday, for both the spring and summer seasons. (2) A new nearshore (incidental) fishery with 1,000 pounds or 10% of the Columbia River subarea allocation, whichever is less, will be open inside the 40-fathom line (defined by waypoints) beginning on Monday, May 5, 2014, on days when the all-depth halibut fishery is closed.

Central Coast subarea. The nearshore halibut fishery will open on July 1, seven days a week.

South of Humbug Mountain subarea. A new Southern Oregon subarea (Humbug Mountain to the OR/CA border) was created with 2% of the Oregon sport allocation and an opening date of May 1; open seven days a week.

Make sure to have your fishing license and proper tag to take a legal halibut. The popular method is to use baits including large herring, shad, tuna belly, salmon belly, and other concoctions of bait with a heavy sinker. If you have never fished for halibut off the Oregon coast the offshore fishery in places like halibut hill out of Garibaldi are over 800 feet deep. You will be using a very heavy weight and doing a lot of reeling. But grilling a halibut on the BBQ or grilling some amazing fish tacos makes it all worth it.

Warm Winter Day Beach Hike’s


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The Winter this year has had several nice long spurts of decent weather, a few days even have felt warm out in the sun. This has made enjoying walking on the beach and getting outdoors along the coast for a hike a possibility without having to endure getting drenched on your weekend adventure. These couple of pictures were taken south of Cape Meares lighthouse, the tide was exceptionally low and it was possible to walk all the way through the tide pool areas to where the beach meets the cliff that leads up to the area where the Octopus tree is.
sunset at oregon tide pools

waterfall into the ocean

Get out and enjoy the Oregon beaches. Even when it is a little stormy the coast can make for fun exploring and if you luck out on a warm winter day, it is a true treat.

Yachats Village Mushroom Festival


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If you are looking for a fun activity on the Central Coast then check out the Yachats Village mushrrom festival from October 18 – 20. There is a host of events surrounding this festival and many different activities and seminars planned. There will be lots of tasty wild mushroom dishes available to sample and experts in town to teach you all about the local fungi that thrive in this lush part of the Oregon coast range rain forest. If you have always been interested in hunting for mushrooms, but scared due to the variations of fungi that can cause sickness or worse that grow in the same areas as the special yummy varieties than this is your time to get educated by the professionals that know what you need to look for to stay safe with mushroom picking and eating.

Oregon Mushroom Festival

The following is additional details for where to go and what to do during the 2013 Yachats Mushroom Fest.

Free Events
12 guided walks on Saturday
10 guided walks on Sunday
3 guided walks on Saturday
2 guided walks on Sunday
MUSHROOM EXHIBITS, Rm 8, Yachats Commons, provided by the Lincoln County Mycological Society, Cascade Mycological Society & the North American Truffling Society
MUSHROOM SLIDESHOW (Sat/Sun ongoing) Over 300 named fungi images by Dr. Matt Trappe – Cape Perpetua Visitor Center Theater (if open)

Note: There is a $5 parking fee at Cape Perpetua unless you have a
FS or Oregon Coast Passport (or) buy a wristband and take the shuttle.

Get Educated about Mushrooms
Saturday 10:30 a.m. What Are Mushrooms? Dr. Steven Carpenter –
A general presentation on what fungi are, what they do, and what mushrooms themselves are all about.

Saturday 12:30 p.m. Lichens: Fungi in Disguise Dr. Matt Trappe, OSU College of Forestry with NW Advanced Renewables Alliance — It’s amazing how surrounded we are by lichens; they are so common we hardly notice them. This presentation, including photos, covers lichen basics and introduces the most common species that folks probably see every day.

Saturday 2:30 p.m. “Mayan-mycology in Guatemala & what is IWEMM7? David Pilz, PilzWald (Forestry Applications of Mycology) — In July, David had the opportunity to attend an interesting workshop on fungi in Guatemala and tour the country afterwards with fellow mycologists. He will recount stories of the adventure with colorful images for illustration. Join him for tales and discussion of the ancient mushroom traditions of the indigenous Maya.

Sunday 9:00 a.m. Truffle Diversity and Ecology in the Pacific Northwest Dr. Dan Luoma, Dept. of Forest Ecosystems & Society, OSU
With over 350 species of truffle fungi present in the Pacific Northwest, this talk can only “scratch the surface” of the diversity present in our region. The talk will cover the basics, starting with “What is a truffle?” and continue on with the biology and ecology of these fascinating organisms. Culinary uses and cultivation potential will also be touched on.

Sunday 10:00 a.m. Mushroom Cloning
Ryan Woolverton, Owner of Soul 2 Grow LLC, — Learn how to clone a mushroom from the wild and elsewhere. This lecture, followed by a limited capacity workshop, will cover the asexual mushroom life cycle, mushroom species appropriate for cloning, “open air” tissue culture techniques, and how to keep your clone alive for future use. This is more than just a cool exercise; it is the most important step towards becoming a self-sustaining mushroom cultivator. (Click on “workshop” for additional information. Workshop limited to 12 people.)

Sunday 12:00 Noon Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, habitat, selected special plants and fungi.
Anna Moore, Cascade Mycological Society

Cooking Demos
Saturday: offered at 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 4:00 p.m.
Ona Restaurant, N Dining Room, 131 Hwy 101 [#27]. Free.

How to Prepare
Wild Mushroom Risotto, Goat Cheese Souffle, and Sauce Chasseur
Presented by Michelle Korgan and Anthony Velarde, Ona Restaurant Chefs

There is much more available so check out the website below in order to read all of the events and activities going on in Yachats this weekend.

The local city webpage for the festival can be located here: http://www.yachats.org/MFest2013.html#Feast

Pacific City 54th Annual Dory Days


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Dory days is a long standing tradition in the summer in Pacific City. This weekend is a celebration of hardworking fisherman that handled the dory boats of the coast going offshore in simple wooden dory’s and catching fish from the city and returning to the beach.

oregon dorymen

Check out the schedule of events below.

Schedule of Events:

Artisan Fair 10:00am– 6pm at the four-way stop in downtown

Pancake Breakfast 7am – 10am Kiwanda Community Center
Marine Fair 10am – 6pm at Cape Kiwanda
Artisian Fair 10am to 5pm at the 4-way stop
Parade 11am
Fish Fry 12pm – 5:30pm
Kids Activities 1pm – 5 pm
Live Music 10am – 6pm at Cape Kiwanda

Marine Fair 10am – 4pm at the Cape
Color Guard Ceremony for the Dorymen’s Memorial Wall 2pm at the Cape
Fishing Contest- weigh-in 11am
Fish Fry – 11am – 3pm
Fillet Contest- 12pm – 1:30pm
Live Music – 1pm – 4pm
Kid’s Activities 1pm – 3pm at Cape Kiwanda
Artisan Fair 10am – 4pm at the 4 way stop

Learn more about the history of the dory fisherman of the Oregon coast by visiting the website of the Pacific City Dorymen’s Association

If you have never seen a dory launch into the ocean from the sandy beach head on out to Pacific City this weekend and watch them live in person. These boats are fun to watch launch and come back ashore.

Seaside Fourth of July Celebrations


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Seaside Oregon 4th of July activities will begin at 11AM with an Independence Day parade that includes the Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corp at the Seaside Museum & Historical Society and continue through and around downtown Seaside. From noon to 4PM there is a whole lot of activities to keep the kids busy, seaside really has a ton of different things lined up for everyone to enjoy. Activities include: a cake walk, face painting, live music, variety of small games, food boths, raffle drawings, silent auction, and bingo. Take a few minutes in between the activities and check out the museum for free as well.

Fireworks Show
The fireworks show at seaside gets started at 10PM and is centered around the beach at the turnaround. The Seaside Chamber of Commerce puts on an excellent fireworks display and the expansive beach area makes a perfect place to set up a few blankets and enjoy the show from the sand or from the view of your hotel window if you are staying right on the beach.

Beach at Seaside, Oregon

CC-BY 2.0 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/benkun2000/

Remember to be careful and smart about being on the beach this weekend. If you make a beach fire keep it modest, make sure to put it out properly and be careful with the fireworks that you are lighting off.

Here is the Seaside Independence Day Parade Map provided by the seaside of Chamber of Commerce

View Seaside Oregon July 4th Parade Route in a larger map

Important information from the Seaside Chamber of Commerce that is good information for any fourth of July beach goer.

Please Read Our Ordinances And Special Considerations

NO FIREWORKS ZONE….. The fenced off sections to the north and south of the turnaround are “fireworks free zones”. This area is for those who wish to view the fireworks show in a “safe zone”. NO FIREWORKS PLEASE!

BONFIRES: Bonfires are allowed on the beach away from beach grass and large drift logs. Bonfires must not exceed 3 foot square in size.



TREASURE THE BEACH: The BEACH DRIVE BUCCANEERS will be handing out SOLV trash bags during the parade & on the beach before the fireworks display. TAKE YOUR TRASH OFF THE BEACH WHEN YOU LEAVE! Bags may be left next to trash cans along the Prom………….

Cannon Beach Fourth of July Parade & Fire Dancers


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Cannon Beach is a fireworks free beach due to the populations of nesting birds that reside on Haystack Rock. This makes Cannon Beach the perfect place for people that like to avoid the loud fireworks and large crowds found at other places with big firework displays. There is still a ton of things to do and enjoy in Cannon Beach besides making something go boom.

There is an excellent small town parade that has all of the best you would expect from floats, decorated vehicles, marching bands, and cool old cars. The parade will start at 11AM at Spruce and Monroe and then goes along Spruce to 3rd Street then continuing south on Hemlock.

North Coast Symphonic Band
There will be a concert at 3PM at the Cannon Beach City park, playing a variety of music including selections form the musical “The Wizard of Oz”.

Flame Dancers
There will be a show in the evening that starts at 7:30PM with the Dancers Flambouyant a group from Portland.

Cannon Beach activities

Listen Missy!, http://www.flickr.com/photos/listenmissy/, CC-BY, ND 2.0

Remember no fireworks in Cannon Beach, but you also get the chance to enjoy amazing views of puffins, pelicans, cormorants, black oyster catchers, and even bald eagles flying up above. There will be a low tide first thing in the morning on the 4th and 5th of July so take a nice early morning beach walk and enjoy the shallow tide pool ecosystem. There is always something interesting to see. Low tide beach walks are always the best, lots of nice hard sand and access to the tide pools to poke around in.

Rockaway Beach Fourth of July Celebration


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Parade, Fireworks, and More in Rockaway Beach

The 4th of July is a fun time to be down at the coast and Rockaway Beach is home to a fantastic line up of activities to keep the whole family busy. Normally a quiet beach town, this place is already starting to get a little busy for the holiday celebration that is coming. The fireworks show will get started at 10PM from the Wayside area, run by the local volunteer fire fighters the community hosts a huge fireworks show. The long beaches north and south of the town are perfect for setting up a beach fire and hanging out for the evening.

Additional Fourth of July Activities

A Bake Sale at the Lions Club Building starting at 9AM, there is always a good cookie, piece of pie or something else at these sales so check it out if you are walking around in the morning before the parade.

The Parade goes through downtown Rockaway starting at 11AM, the main road through town will be closed down and people do start finding their place to sit and watch the show about an hour before so plan ahead to get a good place to watch.
Rockaway Beach fire truck
7th Annual Firecracker Weiner Nationals One of the best activities in town gets started at 12:00PM at the Phyllis Baker City Park. These four legged hot dogs run fast, some crash hard, and one gets to proudly be named the champion of the dachshund races.

Be careful on the beach with fireworks as there are tons of other people out there. Make sure if you start a beach fire to properly put it out at the end of the evening, there is nothing worse then getting burned on the feet the day after fourth of july when going for a beach walk cause someone did not extinguish the coals.