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The Yachats Music festival will be held at the Yachats Community Presbyterian church and will be hosting a number of world renowned musicians. Playing classical and world music the festival features piano, vocals, and string instruments.

The four concerts will be as follows:

  1. “Paul Robeson, Renaissance Man” – by Autris Paige, Baritone
  2. “Differences? What Differences? … A Violin and Viola Comparison.”- by Anyango Yarbo-Davenport, Violinist and Ayn Balija, Violist
  3. “Town and Country: Traditional Chinese music of the Guqin and the Guzheng” – David Wong, Guqin and Guzheng player
  4. “Haynes Flutes: The Genesis of Great American Flute-making” by Marco Granados, Flutist

Check out the website to buy tickets and see the individual participating artists and more detailed schedule of the festival.

Location 360 W 7th St. Yachats, Oregon