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This upcoming weekend is the 49th annual contest to build the best sculpture on the sands of Cannon Beach, Oregon at the Sand Castle Day contest. Starting in 1964 as an idea to keep the local townsfolk entertained the sand castle contest has grown into a huge weekend event drawing in people from all over to enjoy this art on the beach. The rules are very simple and no one is required to build based on a specific theme resulting in often very elaborate and intricate sand sculptures. Every participating team is given a specific plot of sand to work within and they are only allowed to use natural objects found on the beach to add as accessories to their design such as shells, rocks, seaweed, wood, etc.

sand castle event

Check out the Facebook page for details about the event and for pictures of past sculptures and activities from previous contests – https://www.facebook.com/SandcastleDay

This is a perfect activity for a family looking for a day trip this weekend from Portland. Take a drive to the coast in the morning, take in all of the fun activities going on at the beach, have a nice dinner somewhere along the beach between Seaside and Tillamook and drive back to town.