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Excellent Tides This Weekend

This upcoming Memorial day weekend is time for a great low tide for Razor clams at the Oregon north coast beaches in Clatsop County.  Between Seaside and Astoria there will be a lot of clams harvested.  The low tides are in the early mornings bottoming out around 8 – 9 AM, check the local tide location (http://www.saltwatertides.com/dynamic.dir/oregonsites.html)  where you will be going.  Get to the clamming grounds an hour and half early so you have time to dig a full limit, if you have never done it before you will need a little time to get the hang of everything.

Oregon beach harvested razor clams

The weather for the weekend looks to be a little off with occasional rain so be ready to be out in a typical wet Oregon spring shower.  Other critical components to remember to have include: digging device either a long flat clam shovel or a clam gun which is one of those long tubes with handles, a shellfish license, individual bags for every person in your group to carry their own clams.
Remember that everyone has to dig themselves and carry their own harvest.

Watch and Learn How to Clam for Razors

And how to do it with a shovel

Make sure you do not bend the shovel back hard, pull straight up to remove the sand in order to avoid breaking the clam in half. They are very brittle and crack easy, so be careful, because they will cut you if you are not watching what you are doing when removing them from the sand.

The beaches will be busy but there is plenty of clams despite it being crowded if the surf stays sort of mellow everyone should be able to have a really good morning exercise collecting for an awesome evening dinner meal. Have fun and enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!