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Ecola State Park

How to get there:

Located just a few minutes north of Cannon Beach.

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There are a lot of Parks to be seen and visited in Oregon which are truly breathtaking and worth the travel, but one of the best would be the Ecola State Park. This park is reachable through the main road and is located around two miles north of Cannon Beach’s downtown.  The name of this park was obtained from the word “ikoli” which means whale because of beached whales that were one of the things that many earlier visitors saw. It is known that the park was discovered by Capt. Clark together with twelve members of the Corps of Discovery when they went through thick shrubs and trees and were climbing on rocky cliffs. Nowadays, the park has a paved road which leads through a thick forest and is much easier to pass. After passing the lines of Sitka Spruce Trees, you will be greeted with the view of the Pacific Ocean. Parking lots are available near the entrance and at the northern end so guests would not be worrying where to park their cars.

There are a lot that Ecola State Park has to offer throughout the year. These include exploration, nature tripping, site for photography, tide pooling, surfing, swimming, picnic, trailing, and a lot more. This park surely provides something for everyone. There are a lot of breathtaking views of the Ocean. When winter and summer migration comes, whales are also a view. Beside these, there is also the Indian Beach which provides enjoyment especially for surfers and kayakers. This is also where families can go to for picnic and use the picnic tables scattered around the area or the covered barbecue areas. The Indian Beach is also very enjoyable for exploration of tide pools and interesting rock formations. Beside all these exciting adventures, the park also has restrooms which the guests could use.

There is no better way to live life as compared to enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer. We must look around us and marvel in greatness of the nature and see for ourselves what we can discover through them.

Grab breakfast in Cannon Beach at the Lazy Susan and enjoy a hike around the park.