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The Pizza Garden is an excellent location for lunch or dinner if you are travelling along the Oregon Coast Highway, but is also a great place to stop in for a special dessert. All of the desserts are made from scratch including all of the ice cream flavors that are available. There is a wide array of options to choose from the most popular butterscotch and Irish creme to other unique flavors like Coconut, fresh berry sherbets, and of course, simple selections like chocolate and Vanilla. The best thing about this place is that sometimes you don’t want to order a whole dessert after a meal especially a large lasagna or pasta or pizza dish, but they offer an excellent low cost solution. The ice cream taster. It is served in a nice little cup and is enough to clean your pallet and leave you fully satisfied. The best part about the taster is that they are only a buck, that’s right you can still enjoy a little dessert at the Pizza Garden for only a single dollar.

Stop and check out this great place and enjoy the views from the large bay windows that look out to the river and bay.