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The Ghost Hole is a very popular salmon fishing location on Tillamook Bay. Located right near the Oregon Coast 101 Highway in between the towns of Bay City and Garibaldi. It is only accessible via the water and while there is a large turn out and bay viewpoint with parking access, it is not fishable from shore due to the long distance required to cast from shore to reach the productive water and the number of boats that will be trolling nearby when the fish are running. The most popular methods for fishing the Ghost Hole are trolling cut plug herring and trolling large spinners. The typical weight used by most anglers in the Ghost Hole area is between 4 and 8oz due to the relative shallow nature of this spot on the bay and the strong tides that are often present throughout Tillamook Bay. When the fish are in the bay you are likely to see anywhere between a dozen or so boats on a rainy day to well over a hundred on a sunny weekend day fishing the area. You can get to this location by launching a boat from the Garibaldi marina and fish can be found anywhere between the large rocky point where the road turns up towards the Miami River and all the way out to Bay City, with the most productive areas being within eyesight of the floating bathrooms.

Here is the Ghost Hole Location and below is a map with the main channel outlined. When fishing the area just get in line with the other trollers and observe the boat traffic, it is much better to try and conform to the pattern of boats versus going against the grain and upsetting other boaters. This is not a place to drop anchor and fish you will want to be trolling otherwise you will quickly upset others that are also trying to enjoy the salmon fishery of Tillamook Bay.

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