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Phillips Candies in Seaside, amazing candy and an Oregon Coast Treasure.

If you are in need of something special for your sweet tooth and are visiting Seaside, Oregon than you are best served by checking out Phillips Candies located in the heart of downtown Seaside on Broadway Street. Only a block and half away from the beach and promenade turn around, Phillips is centrally located and the perfect destination when you are ready to head in off the beach for something sweet to eat.

Phillips Candies has been Serving delicious candy in this beach town for decades upon decades. They have some of the best saltwater taffy around and the Rocky Road fudge and Sea Foam are local specialties that everyone should try at least once if they are a candy / chocolate lover. The candy is sold by the pound, of course you can always get just a half pound or even a single piece, but who would want to do that? There is something at Phillips Candies for everyone and the humongous lollipops on display are sure to attract the kids eyeballs.

So many flavors to try and enjoy. If you have never made a trip to Phillips you are in for a treat and if you have been there before than it certainly is already on your list of places to go to next time you are in Seaside, Oregon.

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