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If you live along the Oregon Coast or are planning on visiting in the next week or two you are in for a treat if you like fresh berries. The blackberries are in season and are getting very ripe. Depending on where you go for a walk you are likely to encounter full size berries that are juicy, sweet, deep black, and fall off easily as you pick them from the vines. The last few days has been very good and we are stocking up the freezer with vacuum sealed bags of juicy blackberries for enjoying through the winter months. The areas that get the most sun tend to get ripe the soonest and the reverse is true so the shaded areas tend to get ripe later in the season so right now we are seeing some patches fully ripe and getting close to being finished while others are still all hard small white berries that won’t be ready for another week or two, maybe longer. Bring a bucket or a bag on your next walk and fill up on some berries. Of course look for empty lots and places that are not peoples private property when you do your berry picking. I suggest wearing long pants and long sleeve shirt to avoid unnecessary scratches from the sticky vines. You can sometimes move a large vine out of the way and get closer in and reach through to get berries that others were unwilling to go for if you get to a patch late. There is almost always some berries left even if people have been picking them for awhile, it just depends on how far in you will go get them.

Make a blackberry pie for dessert, blackberry strudel for a breakfast treat or do like we will be doing with some of your berries and make an amazing Oregon Coast Blackberry jam that can be stored in mason jars and enjoyed all year long.

Here are some instructions for a Blackberry Jam Recipe that everyone in your family will enjoy. It is perfect for making a delicious peanut butter and jam sandwich or for giving as a Christmas / Holiday present.

Have fun and enjoy the Oregon Coast!