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We happend to stumble upon the Lazy Susan Cafe for breakfast in Cannon Beach and were very happy with an excellent meal in a fun location. The Lazy Susan is set back from the street and is located just off Hemlock St. and is surrounded by many other shops and dining locations.

There is lots of places to park, but Cannon Beach can be very busy especially on the weekends so it may take a few minutes to find something nearby. The restaurant is located inside of an old house that has been set up as a restaurant and we had our table in the little upstairs area that likely used to be a loft / bedroom. It makes for a small cafe environment that is special and unique compared to other places.

We put our names on the wait list and sat down on the nice wooden benches outside in the small courtyard area that several local businesses shared including a specialty wine shop. After about 10 minutes our table was ready. Scanning through the menu it is obvious that the Lazy Susan focus on high quality fresh ingredients for the meals and it comes through.

We both felt like eating breakfast even though it was getting late into the morning and after 11AM despite the lunches looking tasty as well. We ordered the specials since they just sounded delicious. We got a Peppered Bacon Spinach, and Swiss Cheese Omelet that came with a side of home style potatoes and an english muffin. They also brought out a jar of strawberry jam for the muffin. The other entree we tried was a Chorizo and Tomato Quiche that came with fruit and a bran muffin. We enjoyed it all. Another nice thing about the Lazy Susan is that they have a full coffee espresso bar available so I enjoyed an Americano. Over hearing the neighboring table next to us, it sounds like the iced tea is amazing so if you are in for lunch you might want to give it a try.

Peppered Bacon Spinach Swiss Cheese Omelette

Chorizo & Tomato Quiche

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