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The Shilo Inn Restaurant in Seaside is located right on the Promenade next to the turn around and main downtown beach access. During the warmer months they place tables out in the lawn area behind a nice wooden fence to make it a little more private, but you are still right out in front and have a beautiful view of the beach. During the colder months it is best to get a table near the windows as there is long tall windows that face out towards the promenade and beach.

On our last Seaside adventure we stopped in the Shilo Inn for a snack of steamer clams and cup of clam chowder. The chowder is very creamy and chock full of clams unlike some chowders that seem light and watery the chowder here is thick and creamy with the right amount of potatoes and seasoning. The steamer clam appetizer is amazing it comes in a light sauce with tomatoes, onions, and capers and lemon chunks as well as butter to dip the clams in and a few pieces of toast to clean up the sauce with. Just a delicious seafood appetizer to enjoy while on the Oregon Coast.

For additional details and special offers check out the Google Plus page for the Shilo Inn.

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