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Visitors to the Oregon Coast this summer have the chance of encountering debris that is starting to show up off shore and on the beaches of Oregon. While the initial debris that is showing up is likely only the start of what is to come as the currents carry the items closer to shore. While much of the debris will be indistinguishable junk such as foam and other chunks of plastic.

Already a very large dock coated with non native species washed ashore near Newport, Or. this is an example of the strange and large sized items that are floating out in the ocean from this devestating disaster and is a reason for boaters to be careful this summer when navigating the water offshore. Japanese Dock Infomration

Some fisherman have been reporting large tracts of debris in the water as well, as finding one of the more prized finds a green glass fishing float.

Keep your eyes open when making your favorite early morning beach walking and you might stumble onto something that has come adrift. For more information on the tsunami debris off the coast.

Remember that the debris from the tsunami is a real representation of the absolute destruction that was caused across the Pacific in Japan and many of the things washing ashore were part of peoples lives and means to earn a lively hood. Check out the story below about a man that lost his motorcycle during the tsunami and the people that found it washed up on their shore were able to track him down.

Of course the random glass float with no numbers or names is something that you can just keep and treasure as a reminder of the power of nature if you are ever so lucky to score the ultimate beach combing prize.