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Looking for a delicious small town bakery then the Bayfront Bakery & Deli in Garibaldi is your stop along the Oregon Coast Highway for delicious baked goods from a place that is frequented by the locals. This bakery is an excellent place to pick up a great doughnut, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, or other traditional baked goods. Our personal favorites are the fritters, depending on the day of the week it seems that you can get your hands on a specialty flavored fritter such as blueberry or even pineapple, which is surely a nice change up to the traditional apple fritter. The baked goods are priced well and in typical coast fashion you may be faced with a person behind the counter that could really care less that you are visiting there establishment and spending your money there, so don’t be surprised of the sometimes less than friendly welcome at Bayfront Bakery & Deli. If you have been vacationing the coast long enough though it won’t bother you one bit and you can take your pastries, grab a coffee from the Pacific Edge Espresso and head out to the barview jetty and watch the ocean waves crash on the shore. Afterwards take a walk and work off the extra calories from the second or third special pastry.

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