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The pizza at Upper Crust Pizza in Rockaway Beach is excellent, the pie comes with lots of toppings and they are made of good quality ingredients. If you are staying Rockaway Beach and looking for a quick meal that you can order and pick up or a place to go and sit down and have a nice meal then Upper Crust Pizza can certainly do the trick. They also have a Gluten free pizza for people that are focused on specific diets it can be hard to find the right places to eat at the coast, but they have it all for you here.

The menu is full of specialty gourmet pizza options and there is also several seafood pizzas like the Oyster Bed and the Shrimp Delight. There is traditional pizzas as well like a simple Pepperoni or Hawaiian and dinner and side salads or a bread basket to go with your pizza. Upper Crust does not only serve pizza they have some additional meals such as the Halibut Platter and a Burger with tater tots to name a few. My last pizza here was a pepperoni and sausage and it was delicious as the other selections have been. They open up for dinner starting at 4PM and close at 9PM during the week and are open until 10PM during the week. They are located right on HWY 101 just North of the main part of town.

Check the website for specific details about the days that they are open based on the season and to answer any other questions you may have about this excellent pizza parlor on the Oregon Coast. http://uppercrustpizza.blogspot.com/

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