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My favorite local antique shop along the coast is the Frugal Crow, excellent prices and very customer friendly. They always have something unique and interesting every time I have gone in and the people that work the shop are very nice and open for conversation unlike some of the rougher coasty types that own antique stores along the coast. They also usually have a selection of toys and things that are perfect for keeping the younger kids entertained whether it is a box full of my little ponies for the girls or a tray of match box cars for the boys. The antiques and collectibles are displayed throughout the 5 rooms, while the store front is narrow the shop goes deep. The entire store is very reasonably priced except the back room tends to have more expensive vintage style furniture and art pieces that have always been outside my budget, but the rest of the shop is ripe full of great deals. I recently picked up some vintage post cards of locations throughout Oregon for a birthday present for someone and have bought many other knick knacks and other collectibles. They have a large selection of antique bottles which I have used to gather and hoard the beach agates that I find when out on my beach walks.

This is a definite stop along the Oregon Coast as there is always parking available near the Frugal Crow due to its location right near the Rockaway Wayside that has a large parking lot near the beach access point. You can also take a short walk from the Frugal crow down to Trash & Treasure another antiques store and go into Rick’s Roadhouse for a burger and a drink. Rockaway Beach has a lot to offer the traveler on an Oregon adventure and stopping in the Frugal Crow for a browse is always worth the effort in my opinion. Open the drawers of the cabinets and find more than what is simply out and displayed. Too much to discuss in a single blog post so I hope you are able to take a few minutes to check out this shop the next time you are driving through on the Oregon Coast Highway.

Will update with a good picture there is now a nice sign with the Black Crow logo, but this is where it is located, right next to a great candy and gift shop.

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