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The Parkside Coffee House located in the middle of Garibaldi, on the left if you are going North through town, makes great coffee and even better roasted turkey sandwich lunches.







We made it here in the early afternoon for lunch, but if you are out and about in Garibaldi in the morning the coffee smelled excellent and there was many really delicious looking breakfast items in the display. The place is rather small and when we arrived there was 4 other trucks in the parking lot as it seemed like many of the locals and guys working nearby stopped by for lunch, but we were able to get a table next to the window looking out to the antique shops across the street. First thing I noticed was that they roast there own turkey, which is just great cause when it came out the Turkey sandwich had thick slices of fresh moist turkey instead of the typical deli style turkey. There were a few other sandwiches available such as an albacore which coincidentally was also the special of the day which was a 1/2 sandwich and a cup of clam chowder. We both settled on getting turkey sandwiches since it seemed like that was there specialty, I had a Turkey with cranbery and cheese mix spread which came with lettuce and tomatoes. My wife ordered the Turkey with bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce. I also ordered a cup of clam chowder, which was well made unlike some places along the coast, this was a good tasting chowder.













The Parkside Coffee House has a warm feeling inside and the decor is simple yet very fitting for the location and home cooked style lunches that they prepare. The meals come with real heavy silverware, not cheap stuff so common at most restaurants, which is a small thing, but makes this a special place that we look forward to going back to.







The meal was very affordable and we walked away happy and full and ready for exploring the coast.

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