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Tillamook Cheese Factory – Perfect North Coast Stop

If you are travelling along the Oregon coast highway and go through Tillamook a stop at the cheese factory is always fun, even if it is just for a short stop to grab an ice cream cone and keep going on your way.







The Tillamook cheese factory located in Tillamook, Oregon has been a cheese making quality cheese since 1909 when the farmers / creameries in the local area came together. The Tillamook cheese factory is a working cheese making facility that allows visitors to see the process of making cheese. Their is a self guided tour and very large viewing areas that oversee the floor of the facility. Watch as the cheese blocks are cut and packaged for sale and the cheesemakers tend to the huge vats of milk becoming delicious Tillamook cheese. Their is a gift shop and restaurant that serves Tillamook Cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburgers with melted Tillamook cheese on top. The grovery area that has many types of Tillamook cheese products available for sale also has a sample train with many popular varieties of cheese for sample.

One of the special parts about any stop to the Tillamook Cheese factory is to get an ice cream cone with Tillamook Ice Cream, they have tonds of flavors and several options of cone, from wafer, sugar, to waffle or just a simple dish. The ice cream is very creamy and flavorful so be brave and adventurous and stray away from a simple vanilla or chocolate and try a Tillamook Mudlisde or Marionberry Pie.

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Every Oregonian should make it to the Tillamook Cheese factory at least once, it is an Oregon Coast Treasure, as well as one of the few Oregon Coast brands that have become known across the country and world. The Tillamook Chedder Cheese was voted as the best Cheddar as late as 2010 and consistently viewed around the world as one of the best cheddar cheese available. Make sure to try more than just the yellow cheddar the colby, white cheddar, and sharp varieties can be amazing as well as specialty versions like black pepper corn cheddar. Check out the company website for more information on this special place of cheese.