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The Oregon coast is full of great antique and thrift stores in every town from North to South and it is fun to take a break in your trip along the Oregon Coast Highway to check them out. This is the first post we have made about these types of stores along the coast, but will start to include more details about them in the future. New 2 Used is a large thrift store with a big warehouse and a couple of sections to cruise through. When you walk in there is clothes on the left, kitchen and bathroom stuff will be on the right. Along the windows are glass cases and antique items. there is a good section of electronic devices and parts in the rear and several larger furniture items and miscellaneous boxes of stuff. This thrift store has cabinets of craft and office supplies as well as some camping and fishing gear. This thrift shop has a little of everything and is priced very reasonably on most items, so certainly worth your time to check out if you like to shop thrifty or like to find the unique and unusual.

We picked up this cool carved stripped bass that is made of wood and painted. It was $3 and will be a nice addition to the fishing themed cabin that we are staying in at the beach.

Due to being a relatively new facility the location is a field in the Google Map, but I can assure you it is the right location. New 2 Used is located in Tillamook right across from the Tillamook Cheese Association building that is right next to the Tillamook Cheese factory a popular tourist destination. If you are going to the cheese factory for an ice cream take a few minutes and check out New 2 Used across and do a lap through the aisles and you might get lucky and find something cool for a deal.

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