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El Mariachi Loco located in the small North coast town of Manzanita is a nice restaurant a block away from the beach and ocean.  If you are visiting Manzanita and looking for an affordable place to sit down and get a quick bite to eat El Mariachi Loco will do the trick.  There were a couple of issues with the food for us, however overall it was good and we would eat there again.  The tacos came in a regular taco bell style taco shell instead of a more authentic corn tortilla with onions and cilantro.  However the meat inside was delicious, a very soft and tasty beef.  The black beans with the meal were a little dry and were not that great, but I tasted my wife’s re fried beans and they were fine, so I would stick to those here. The guacamole was excellent and good portion and both of our chicken dishes were excellent. The salsa was not too thick seemed a tad watery.

If you are in the need of a Mexican fix then El Mariachi Loco will do the trick and for a family grabbing a bite to eat the dinner won’t break the wallet.  Other menu items included standard mexican dishes including burritos, quesadilla’s etc., and several other house specialties which would be worth a try.

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