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If you are staying in or travelling through Rockaway Beach, Oregon than make sure and check out R&R Espresso if you are in need of a hot cup of coffee or a special Mocha, Latte, or whatever drink you like to enjoy.  The coffee’s go up to large 24 ounce drink that is comprised of 4 shots of Espresso.  This drive through location also has several delicious scones and other breakfast items and treats.  Stop and get a cup of coffee and a muffin and kids size hot chocolate on a cold day.

If you like to try new things get a 3 berry scone with white chocolate, it is an amazing fruity and moist scone that is just amazing.  Take out or park your car and enjoy the fresh coast air.  Located just a few streets North of the main part of town this pick up coffee spot is worth the walk or short drive.


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