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If you are staying in Cannon Beach or Arch Cape on the Oregon North Coast and the tide is going to be a low tide than venturing south to Hug Point an Oregon Parks and Recreation park.(check the tide tables) The area is called Hug Point because the trail that stage coaches travelled along the coast going North passed and the trail is carved into the rocks with the ruts made by the coming and goings of the coaches. If heading out to the point be cautious of the tide as it can come in quick and fast and leave you stranded up on the rocks.

If you go to Hug Point on a high tide it is less impressive and you are unable to view the historic trail markings that will be covered by the crashing waves. There is still a large beach which is covered with stones that can be walked along looking for random beach artifacts from shells and debris that has washed ashore. More can be found out about this great day trip destination along the Oregon coast at the Hug Point Recreation Site.

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